Local Honey and Hay Fever

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It has been proven that honey, local to your area, can stop the suffering of hay fever. Although the pollen seasons are not yet upon us, it is useful to have in mind that by purchasing local honey and having two to three teaspoons a day can stop your reactions without the use of antihistamines and eye drops. Here is further information about Hay Fever and Local Honey.

Tessellate pattern of honey bees

Tessellate pattern full of honey from Kirsty Williams’ honey bees



Beekeeping, DVD, Key Stage 1, Local Honey

I have been so pleased with the positive response to The Honey Bee DVD. If you are interested in purchasing the DVD or for any further information on Key Stage 1 curriculum worksheets, honey or beekeeping in general, please don’t hesitate to ask!

The Honey Bee DVD, Local Honey

The British Bee Company honey jars, DVDs and frames

Interviews and Coverage of The Honey Bee DVD Release

Beekeeping, DVD, News coverage

If you would like to hear more coverage about my educational DVD, The Honey Bee, then here are a few links:

BBC Radio Wales ‘Good Morning Wales’ at 00:49:00 –http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04w5cst

BBC Radio Wales ‘Good Evening Wales Tonight’ at 02:20:00 –http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04w5ct0

My feature on S4C Feil (Welsh language children and young people’s news programme) 00:01:50 – http://www.s4c.co.uk/clic/c_level2.shtml?series_id=516993799

And my feature in BBC Wales News –



Thank You Crew

DVD, Key Stage 1, Press Launch

I would just like to say a massive thank you to these lovely ladies for all their help and support. Olwyn Corben the Ceiriog Valley Schools Federation head teacher for allowing me to hold the premiére and press launch at Ysgol Pontfadog, Gilly Lee from Gilly Films who made the whole filming experience magical, and to Lowri Roberts from Tanat Translation who presented the DVD Welsh language version and provided translation services for the curriculum worksheets.

The Honey Bee DVD showing at Ysgol Pontfadog

Olwen Corben, Gilly Lee, Kirsty Williams and Lowri Roberts at Ysgol Pontfadog

Key Stage 1 Honey Bee Worksheets

DVD, Key Stage 1

As well as showing The Honey Bee DVD to Ysgol Pontfadog pupils, the children also used the Key Stage 1 curriculum worksheets. They worked on the sheets from our Arts and Craft section during the morning. The Key Stage 1 curriculum worksheets will be available for download from the website soon. Here are some photos of the worksheets and some of the colourful pictures from the pupils.

The Honey Bee DVD showing at Ysgol Pontfadog

Oliver James, Catrin Jones and Ellis Carter with DVD and worksheets

The Honey Bee DVD showing at Ysgol Pontfadog

Kirsty handing out worksheets to pupils of Ysgol Pontfadog

The Honey Bee DVD showing at Ysgol Pontfadog

Oscar Van Alsede, Bobby Llywarch, Ellis Carter and Fabian Whitehead with colourful worksheets

Primary Premiere for The Honey Bee DVD at Ysgol Pontfadog

Ceiriog Valley, DVD, Press Launch

Yesterday was fantastic! It was the first viewing of the DVD to primary school pupils and was held at Ysgol Pontfadog. The Premiere and press launch went very well, we had photographers from The Advertizer, Shropshire Star, Wrexham Leader and also BBC Wales come to do some filming. I am truly ecstatic about the response to my educational DVD.

The Honey Bee DVD showing at Ysgol Pontfadog

Amber Boston and Bobby Llywarch in photoshoot for the Shropshire Star

The Honey Bee DVD showing at Ysgol Pontfadog

Daniel Walsh, Kirsty Williams, Elana Griffiths and Benjamin Van Alstede pose for photographer Huw from the Wrexham Leader

The Honey Bee DVD showing at Ysgol Pontfadog

Kirsty Williams giving a talk about The Honey Bee DVD to pupils of Ysgol Pontfadog and being filmed by BBC Wales

DVD Editing Completed


At last, after almost an entire year following the life-cycle of my beautiful bees we have finally completed the film editing and the master copy of our DVD for primary school Key Stage 1 pupils is winging its way to London to be copied. Check back soon for details of how to order your copy.

DVD Complete

Kirsty Williams and Gilly Lee from Gilly Films complete The Honey Bee DVD project

An Exceptional Summer


I was thrilled that all the right conditions conspired this summer in North Wales to produce the strongest hives I have seen in 25 years of beekeeping. The hives were so strong and the honey produced so plentiful that I literally ran out of jars to put it in there was so much of it.

We had spent the winter, spring and summer filming every element of the life cycle of my British Black Bees in the 50 hives I keep in the Ceiriog Valley, in North Wales. Now we are elbow deep in scripting and editing the mountain of footage for our DVD for Key Stage 1 schoolchildren.

It has been a hectic time but one of the most rewarding summers as a professional beekeeper and breeder of Apis Melifera Melifera I have known.

The Honey Bee DVD filming

The British Bee Company filmed its Honey Bee DVD for primary schools in the Ceiriog Valley